Perfect Gifts Lingerie

Lingerie makes a great gift for many reasons but there are a few rules you should follow to help avoid some potential pitfalls.

First, Choose Wisely!
When giving lingerie as a gift always pick something the person you are giving it to is going to feel comfortable in. Just because it's your fantasy does not mean it's her's as well. The worst gift you can give is the one that makes her nervous. Conservative is safer unless you know she is really into corsets, garterbelts or teddies. Get this right and you're golden!

Second, Lingerie is not a main gift!
Do not get your lady some sexy lingerie and expect that to be your main gift. The lingerie is as much for you as it is for her so that makes you look pretty cheap. Lingerie should ALWAYS be a, " and I got you a little something else too" kind of gift. Work it into a romantic dinner or weekend away and it's even better. Lingerie as a pre Valentine's gift is a great idea too. Give her something to help jump start the romantic mood. Always a winning idea! The lingerie is not really the gift anyways. The real gift you are giving her is the fun you are going to have with the sexy lingerie. That romantic, sexy memory is what she will cherish the most. Plan the gift as part of a larger romantic gesture and it will really be a great gift, for both of you! It's like we always say. Jewelry says I love you but lingerie says I want you! Everyone wants to feel desired so show her you want her!

Third and the most Important, Get the Size Right!
You will lose all the brownie points you've earned so far by screwing up the size. Too big and it means you think she's fat. Too small and she really will feel fat. Lingerie is all about body image and feeling sexy so get this right. Do some snooping. Find other lingerie she has that you know fits. Find a bra she wears regularly. Regular outerwear can help too but the size chart  crossover is not very precise. Blouses, skirts and pants can very quite a bit in sizing from brand to brand. It's a good starting point but you are better off using some intimate apparel as a size guide. Just don't get caught going thru her underwear drawer! That requires jewelry to get yourself out of, haha.

That's it. Follow those basic rules and you can't go wrong. Ladies, don't think giving lingerie is a one way street. You can get something sexy for yourself and surprise your lover as well. They will love unwrapping you as much as any gift this year.

Lingerie, the gift of love.... and lust!


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